Infrastructure and Environment

Railway Tunnel

ERPE research on infrastructure and environment is internationally recognised as delivering cutting-edge innovation advancing the civil engineering industry while using technological advances to inform government policy. Our research is committed to developing efficient, sustainable and resilient infrastructure in the built and natural environments, impacting global climate change; sustainable development; infrastructure deterioration; and personal and national security.

Geo-Mechanics and Construction

The ERPE research in environmental engineering includes water management's specialist themes; ultra-speed railways; systems, sustainability and society; construction materials and geo-mechanics; and structures. Within these themes, our staff possess the expertise and experience necessary to undertake projects ranging from 'blue skies' research, through research investigations of innovative technologies, to industry-sponsored consultancy projects. Our work ranges from multi-million-pound research council projects, on topics as diverse as numerical modelling of wave propagation in soil, to psychological states' impact on situational awareness in transport domains.

Granular Mechanics

We have research groups concentrating on granular mechanics conducting fundamental research on the mechanics of materials and their interaction with industrial infrastructure. Our structural engineers employ scientific principles and methodologies to conceive, analyse, design, construct, maintain, rehabilitate and decommission civil infrastructure components and systems. Safety of users and occupants of these infrastructures underpins this research theme, especially during times of extreme demand (fire, blast, earthquake, impact, storms, etc.).

Fire Safety Engineering

The ERPE Edinburgh Fire Research Safety Centre team has long been globally recognised for their research in this area. Their investigations, experiments and publications focus on all aspects of studying this powerful element, with the ultimate goal of preventing tragedies. We design systems and structures that lie dormant within our built environment, waiting for an extreme event. The knowledge, technology, and engineering contributing to fire safety are fundamental to escaping occupants, the fire and rescue service, and property protection.

The ERPE multi-disciplined teams have addressed the challenges of building and maintaining infrastructure systems that are resilient, sustainable and adaptable during these times of constant change.

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