Signal and Image Processing

Signal processing can be found in almost all modern technology. The algorithms underpinning mobile communications, medical imaging, image rendering for games and many other technologies were all developed within the global signal and image processing research community.

Research Aims

Our programme of research delivers world leading research in signal and image processing from fundamental theoretical and algorithmic work through to its translation to specific audio, video, radar/sonar, and medical imaging applications.

Research Challenges

The fundamental challenges for signal and image processing are: how best to sense; what to measure; how to distribute the processing and communication of the data from sensor to action and how to extract the salient information for the minimal cost.

The major research challenges that we are currently addressing include:

  • The development of novel acquisition and sensing technologies through compressed sensing, with applications in defence and medical imaging
  • Integrated Audio-video processing, with applications in human computer interaction and robotics
  • New algorithms and architectures for remote sensing: hyperspectral imaging, LiDAR, synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and synthetic aperture sonar (SAS)
  • Bio-inspired signal processing with applications in wideband sonar
  • Distributed processing in sensor networks
  • Computational Imaging within agile tomography
  • Radar Signal Processing
  • Anomaly detection with audio and video
  • Finite set statistics for multi-target tracking, data fusion and sensor management

Potential Impacts

Our research will impact practically through faster/better imaging (MRI, CT, Radar, sonar, etc.), sensing and sensor management and improved surveillance technologies.
We hope to develop more efficient processing solutions, saving computation time and power, as well as new integrated multi-sensor systems. These in turn will have significant impact in:

  • Medical imaging & monitoring
  • Remote Sensing & environmental monitoring
  • Consumer electronics
  • Industrial condition monitoring
  • Defence and Homeland Security
  • Robotics and Autonomous vehicles

Research Partners

The Faculty members active in Signal and Image processing currently include:

  • Alexander Belyaev (HWU)
  • Keith Brown (HWU)
  • Mike Chantler (HWU)
  • Pei-Jung Chung (UoE)
  • Daniel Clark (HWU)
  • Mike Davies (UoE)
  • Harald Haas (UoE)
  • James Hopgood (UoE)
  • Javier Escudero (UoE)
  • David Lane (HWU)
  • Dave Laurenson (UoE)
  • Ronald McHugh (HWU)
  • Stephen McLaughlin (HWU)
  • Bernie Mulgrew (UoE)
  • Yvan Petillot (HWU)
  • Tharm Ratnarajah (UoE)
  • Neil Robertson (HWU)
  • Javier Escudero Rodriquez (UoE)
  • Mathini Sellathurai (HWU)
  • John Thompson (UoE)
  • Andrew Wallace (HWU)
  • Yves Wiaux (HWU)

Industrial & Government Partners