Micro and Nano Systems

Micro and Nano systems research is driven by the Scottish Microelectronics Centre (SMC) and the MicroSystems Engineering Centre (MISEC) as well as primary projects that utilise the individual and unique skill sets and facilities that two ERPE partner organisations possess.

Research Aims and Vision

The research encompasses design and fabrication of novel devices within three research themes:

  • Microsystems design and manufacturing
  • RF-MEMS and advanced microwave devices
  • Optoelectronic and Microsystems packaging

Research Challenges

  • The smart integration of nanoelectronics, micro- electro-mechanic, magnetic, photonic, micro-fluidic, acoustic, bio- and chemical principles, radiation and RF as well as completely new technologies into Smart Systems, and at the same time
  • Specific Smart Systems in various application sectors and addressing societal challenges

Research Impacts

Future research within the ERPE will focus on the development of a new generation of smart microsystems - MEMS integrated with CMOS, with innovative CMOS design and novel fabrication approaches, including self-assembly and non-conventional 3D patterning. The systems will be implemented with smart materials and will perform as smart actuators and/or sensors, for biomedical, environmental, biomimetic, soft robotics and microfluidics applications.

Research Partners

  • Rebecca Cheung (UoE)
  • Leslie Howarth (UoE)
  • Enrico Mastropaolo (UoE)
  • Stewart Smith (UoE)
  • Anthony Walton (UoE)
  • David Flynn (HW)
  • George Goussetis (HW)