Railway Engineering

RAE 2008 Research plans for Railway Engineering focused on techniques to reduce track construction and maintenance costs. This strand of research has continued however we have also responded to needs arising from the UK Government’s HS2 plans through strong links with the railway industry (Network Rail, HS2, Balfour Beatty Rail, and Atkins).

ERPE Academic, Professor Keith Woodward has focused on ballasted railway track behaviour and on his patented XiTRACK ballast stabilisation technology, which is now used throughout the UK and internationally (XiTrack video demonstration).

Strong industry interest is demonstrated by consultancy from HS2 and by the Transport Select Committee. This has led to EPSRC funding on high-speed track design and two TSB grants on Rail Innovation.

Woodward’s DART3-D modelling has provided new understanding of the performance of polymer stabilised ballast.

Professor Michael Forde has focused on ground borne vibrations from high speed trains and PGR Connolly (now ECR Connolly) undertook extensive field monitoring trials in the UK and Belgium, which strengthened the international database, enabled finite element models to be calibrated, and led to a more accurate ground borne vibration demonstration model based on neural networks.

XiTrack Railway Engineering
XiTrack Railway Engineering