ERPE Research Impact

Research that has a huge impact on society and industry has emerged from across our four themes. In these case studies we highlight some of our achievements over recent years.

ERPE development of new and unique design methodologies, frameworks and tools for analysing fire spread has enhanced public safety by transforming structural design for fire. Fire safety engineering research within ERPE has created an improved scientific understanding of the effect of fire on structures and materials and thus assisted the design and construction of increasingly optimised, sustainable, and economical buildings globally with significant changes in building design and regulation.

Research in ERPE to measure customer reaction and attitude to communication interfaces in new consumer services has influenced service provision at Bank of Scotland, Halifax and Lloyds Group. The metric and the use methodology have been adopted in several service industry sectors - telephony, retail, travel and financial services.

A team of engineers and computer scientists at ERPE has developed algorithms that help the petroleum industry extract more oil, more cost-effectively. In one North Sea field, a leading oil company has used ERPE technology to create a field development plan yielding three million more barrels of oil than their original plan.


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