Renewable Energy Generation

The ERPE have expanded research in marine energy by establishing further international partnerships; constructed the world’s first 360° wave/tidal current tank to address effects on marine generators; expanding research into renewable energy machines to meet the demand for slow-speed direct-drive generators; and enhanced research into novel network asset replacement methods to optimise technical/ economic resilience and security of supply.

Building on leadership of the Research Council UK’s flagship SuperGen Marine Energy Research Consortium, ERPE Academics secured funding to create the UK Centre for Marine Energy Research (UKCMER) and the "All Waters Current and Wave Test Facility", which will allow testing in 360° multi-direction wave and current fields in water depths of 2m in a 30m diameter circular basin and draws from ongoing EPSRC funded research.

Collaborations with China have been supported through Wallace’s involvement in the "UK-China Joint Research Consortium on Sustainable Electric Power Supply". We are expanding collaborative research activities in environmental impact of marine generation

Research into solar energy generation has involved internationally leading work on the development of structures, material processing and PV:

  • Upadhyaya is undertaking engineering of Excitonic Solar Cells (ESCs), in collaboration with NSG-Pilkington, Solar Press UK Ltd and DuPont Teijin Films
  • Richards is leading the demonstration of world-record efficiencies (16.2%), achieved with broadband light relevant to silicon solar cells in conjunction with the EU FP7 project “NanoSpec”.
  • Richards is also developing the first full-size demonstration of LDS, with a 5% performance enhancement in collaboration with industry partners: ITW (USA) and Calyxo (Germany).

In the future we will explore new areas in Scalable Solar Thermoelectrics and Photovoltaics (PV).

Flowave TT All Waters Current and Wave Test Facility, King's Buildings, Edinburgh
Flowave TT All Waters Current and Wave Test Facility, King's Buildings, Edinburgh