Carbon Capture and Storage

Scottish Carbon Capture & Storage (SCCS) is a research partnership of the University of Edinburgh, the British Geological Survey and Heriot-Watt University. Together, we represent the UK's largest grouping of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) researchers. Our links with other research institutes and industry partners both in the UK and abroad are growing.

Research Aims

The technologies comprising the full CCS chain have the potential to significantly reduce global emissions of carbon dioxide and help tackle climate change as Europe and the rest of the world moves towards a low-carbon future.

Research Challenges

If CCS is to deployed at commercial scale, the technology must be shown to be effective, safe and cost-competitive. SCCS researchers are seeking solutions to a variety of technological, economic and public perception challenges, which the CCS sector currently faces.

Research Impacts

Our researchers, often working as part of UK or international collaborations, are exploring optimal ways of capturing CO2 from large emitters, such as power plants and industrial facilities, transporting it and storing it safely in geological formations deep below ground. They carry out strategic and innovative research across the full chain, including capture engineering, CO2 transportation, geological storage, CO2 with enhanced oil recovery and impact analyses. They are also engaged in economic, policy, legal and regulatory studies and consultation work.

Research Partners

You can read further details of our research within the SCCS website Expertise section.