The Edinburgh Research Partnership in Engineering is a strategic alliance between Heriot-Watt University and the University of Edinburgh.
Working with academic and commercial partners we aim to deliver world leading research and expertise in engineering to the greatest commercial, social and economic impact and benefit through education and advancement in science and engineering.

Energy and Resource Management

Energy Resource Management research theme image

We continue to research and develop technology to address increasing demand for energy and climate change.

Infrastructure and Environment

Infrastructure and Environment research theme image

Our vision is to establish robust engineering methods that can be adapted by industry and standards bodies to enhance the efficiency and safety of infrastructure in the built environment.

Manufacturing and Materials

Manufacturing and Materials research theme image

Our strategy is to undertake research to address fundamental scientific questions leading to engineering solutions to industrially important problems.

Sensors, Signals and Systems

Sensors, Signals and Systems research theme image

We continue to develop basic theory, techniques, algorithms and applications in our core sub-themes of Signal and Image Processing and Communications.

Research Impact

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Research Partners

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