Xianfeng Fan

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Research Interests

  • Photocatalysis
    Development of UV and visible light active photocatalysts for waste water treatment and chemical reactions
  • Wetting & Surface Modification
    Measurement of pore wettability under atmosphere and reservoir conditions
    Surface modification through chemical activation, microwave irradiation
    Nanoparticles for stabilising suspensions and emulsions
  • Multiphase Flow & Particle Technology
    Multiphase flows in porous media, modelling and experiments
    Modelling and measurement of fluid and particle dynamics in chemical, food and pharmaceutical processes, such as fluidization, mixing, granulation, flotation, canned food stuff, agitated vessels, coating, Die filling.
    Flow structure, solid mixing, solid gas contact in bubbling and circulation fluidized beds.
    Impact of particle physical properties on solid flow structure, bubble behaviour in fluidized beds for the studies on combustion and renewable energy production;
    High shear granulation.
    Impact of liquid viscosity and surface tension on solid flow in mixers and granulators for pharmaceutical production.
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery and CO2 Capture
    Novel experimental approach for studies on liquid/gas transport/migration in porous media
    Relative importance of interfacial energy and liquid viscosity on liquid transport in porous medium
    Relative permeability hysteresis
    Optimization of flow structure in fluidized beds for CO2 capture and biomass combustion
  • Micromanipulation Technique
    Measurement of interaction force between micron particulate materials, such as, adhesion force between ice crystals, liquid bridge
    Impact of liquid composition and solution pH on micron air bubble rigidity in aqueous solutions, particle-bubble attachment,
    Mechanical strength of micro particulate materials
  • Food and Biosciences
    Impact of additives on crystal growth in ice cream
    expanded beds for protein separation
    canned food stuff
    mechanical properties of microcapsules
  • Minerals Engineering and Wastewater Treatment
    Radioisotope production and purification for nuclear medicine and bioscience study,
    Removal of trace materials or radioisotopes
    Fluoride removal from ground water,
    Froth flotation
    Chromatography and ion exchange
    Magnetic separation
  • Development and application of positron emission particle tracking

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Xianfeng Fan
Xianfeng Fan

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Senior Lecturer

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