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Mathieu Lucquiaud (ML) has worked on CO2 capture from power stations since 2005, first at Imperial College London and now at the University of Edinburgh. He holds a Research Fellowship of the Royal Academy of Engineering (2012-2017) on "future-proofing fossil power stations for CO2 capture"

He has co-authored the first study on "CO2 capture-ready plants" commissioned by the International Energy Agency Greenhouse Gas (IEAGHG) R&D Programme in response to the G8 communique at Gleneagles in 2005. He has since taken these concepts to industry into several leading projects funded by the UK Technology Strategy Board and showed that coal and gas plants can be made “carbon capture-ready” for post-combustion capture with minimal impact and at minimal cost.

He has worked on the site-specific factors that affect the viability of post-combustion capture retrofits and is now carrying out further research into proofing the first generation of CCS plants against technology developments to lower the cost of low-carbon electricity generation from fossil fuels.

His research also involves developing experimental setups to de-risk on-site the implementation of CO2 capture at coal and gas-fired power stations and to improve the transient capability of CO2 capture systems to shift the financial penalty of capture from high to low electricity selling price.

Academic Qualifications

2010 Doctor of Engineering, Imperial College London
Steam cycle options for capture-ready power plants, retrofits and flexible operation with post-combustion CO2 capture
2004 Master of Engineering, INSA Lyon (National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon)

Research Interests - CO2 Capture from Fossil Power Stations

  • Integration of amine-based CO241 capture systems into fossil power generation
  • Carbon capture readiness
  • Future-proofing CCS plants against technology and regulatory developments
  • Flexible operation of power plants with post-combustion capture
  • Steam turbine design
  • Future amine solvent developments

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Mathieu Lucquiaud
Mathieu Lucquiaud

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Research Fellow

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