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  • Biomimetic Engineering
    Nature provides many examples of efficient engineering solutions- spider webs (efficient fibers), bone tissue (material architecture) and cockleburs (Velcro). On molecular level, examples include catalytic processes (enzymes), information replication (DNA/RNA) and signal transduction (receptors). In our group we look at biological systems for ideas that can be used to design, envision and implement new materials, systems and engineering concepts. On the other hand, through imitation of biological processes we seek to understand the mechanisms governing living systems; the mechanisms that lie at the origin of biological sustainability, efficiency and ultimately life itself
  • Molecular Recognition Materials
    Molecular recognition is a process of strong and specific binding between a molecule and a substrate. This mechanism plays a vital part in many biological processes, including enzyme function, genetic information replication, antibody-antigen interactions, etc. One of the major material engineering efforts over the last two decades has been to translate this mechanism to synthetic templated molecular recognition (TMR) materials for adsorption, separation, catalysis, sensing, protein immobilization and other applications

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Lev Sarkisov
Lev Sarkisov

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