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Jon Gibbins has worked on coal and biomass gasification and combustion for over 25
years, at Foster Wheeler, Imperial College and University of Edinburgh and on carbon
capture and storage (CCS) since 2002. He is currently the Principal Investigator of the
UK Carbon Capture and Storage Community Network ( which is
supported by Research Councils UK to help link academic CCS research activities to each
other and to a range of stakeholders. He is involved in a number of other academic,
industrial and government initiatives on CCS in the UK and overseas, including the DECC
Advisory Committee on Carbon Abatement Technology, and has also contributed to a
number of media pieces and other outreach activities on CCS.

The strategy behind Jon’s CCS activities is helping to deliver the combination of technical,
policy and economic advances that are required to progress CCS rapidly to the stage
where it can make an effective contribution to global climate change mitigation. His early
work showed that relatively conventional power plants could be adapted to give efficient
and cost-effective CO2 capture. This was extended to the ‘capture ready’ concept, which
first received significant attention as part of the UK’s 2005 G8 chair proposals. Additional
work has expanded on these themes and also extended the study of capture technologies
to considering their performance under real electricity market conditions, where flexibility
is at a premium. Technical studies have been complemented by work on power plant
economics and pathways for CCS implementation, and also communications with a wide
range of stakeholders. Through his own group and by his involvement in UKCCSC Jon
has also worked to help develop the necessary academic CCS capacity to support the
challenging task of rapid CCS development and deployment.

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Jon Gibbins
Jon Gibbins

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