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  • Behaviour and Design of Shell Structures
    Buckling and plastic collapse failure modes in shell structures their sensitivity to imperfections and the failure criteria for shells under complex and unsymmetrical loading conditions.
  • Design of Silo Structures
    The structural and functional design of silo structures including the flow of granular solids within them the pressures exerted by solids on silo walls the response of silo structures to complex pressure regimes and the failure modes caused in silo structures. Behaviour and characterisation of granular and particulate solids The behaviour of particulate solids in large masses (bulk solids handling). In particular the behaviour in silos and other solids handling facilities the testing of solids to determine their properties and the practical application of tests in industry.
  • Coal Handling
    The testing and characterisation of coal for materials handling purposes. The effect of stress and moisture content on handling performance. Blending strategies for mixing different coals to achieve handlability and other criteria.
  • The Effects of Extreme Fires on Large Building Structures
    Understanding the behaviour of large building structures under extreme fires. The computational modelling of the effects of extreme fires. Practical steps in the design of buildings against fire.
  • Flow of Particulate Solids in Silos
    The measurement and prediction of the flow of particulate and granular solids in silos. Measurement systems include visual observations and the use of harmonic radar. Predictions systems include finite element and discrete element methods.

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John Rotter
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