George Serghiou

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Research Interests

  • Synthesis (at high pressures and temperatures) and characterization of structure and properties (superhard, advanced optical, electronic properties) of new materials (inorganic and organic)
  • Development of equilibrium and metastable high P, T phase diagrams
  • Study of the effect of pressure on chemical reactions
  • Determination of the stability and composition of planetary interiors
  • Correlation of increase in density to transport processes (diffusion, ion partitioning)
  • Clarification of the mechanism of crystal-crystal and crystal-non-crystalline transitions
  • Examination of the effect of crystal size (nano to bulk) on synthesis and phase changes
  • Understanding of electronic transitions (insulator-metal)
  • Investigation of the influence of pressure on melting
  • Use of compression to understand function of biological systems (extremophiles)
  • Polymerized hydrocarbons, drug delivery

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George Serghiou
George Serghiou

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