Dr Yeaw Chu Lee

Research Themes: 

Dr Y.C. Lee had graduated from the School of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Leeds, Leeds in 1999 where he received a MEng (Hons) degree in Mechanical Engineering.   Upon the completion of his PhD in Mechanical Engineering in 2004 at the University of Leeds, he took up a position as a post-doctorate research fellow at the Institute of Engineering Thermofluids, Surfaces & Interfaces (iETSI) in the University of Leeds where he worked in the area of engineering fluid mechanics and computational fluid dynamics which focuses on the investigation of thin liquid films and droplet flow in the coating of micro- and nano-fluidic systems.  Throughout his tenure there, he has been involved in on-going and successful completion of various projects.  
These include:
(i) curtain coating numerical investigations to predict and characterise the formation and stability of thin liquid films (resins) -- Cytec Industries UK;
(ii) the accurate computation of thin film flows and the motion of droplets on real functional surfaces -- funded by EPSRC;
(iii) prediction of scale deposition kinetics - a step change in inorganic scale management -- TSB with BP, Expro Ltd and The University of Leeds.
In 2010, Dr Lee was offered a lectureship position at the Department of Mechanical Engineering in the School of Engineering and Physical Sciences at Heriot-Watt University.  

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