Dr Theodore Lim

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Dr. T. Lim graduated in Mechanical Engineering with Computer-Aided Engineering from Heriot-Watt University in 1997 and obtained his PhD in 2000. He undertook a Research Associate position in 2000, working in the area of optical computing with the Department of Physics before pursuing a post-doctorate in the field of advanced Design and Manufacturing in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. In September 2007, he became a lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He has published several papers on Feature Recognition, Optimising Tool Selection, Haptics, and optical computing. Dr. Lim is also co-author of the book '3D Modeling with ACIS'. Dr. Lim has also worked as a propulsion and airframe engineer in the Air Force for six years before joining BMW as a technical engineer for a further two years prior to joining the academia.
Major achievements
Over 20 international journal and conference publications.
Developed unique feature recognition algorithms that have been commercialised.
Developed virtual-tactile environment for evaluating manufacturing processes.
Generated multi-disciplinary projects and involved in FP5 and FP7 calls.
Co-authored book titled '3D Modeling with ACIS'.

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