Dr Grant Wright

Graduated from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne with a MEng in Civil Engineering in 1993. He was then employed as a Research Associate within the Drainage and Water Supply Research Group in the Department of Building Engineering and Surveying at Heriot-Watt University. This work aimed to extend existing mathematical models for use within London Underground Stations, and formed the basis of Dr Wright’s PhD (1997).
After leaving Heriot-Watt University, Dr Wright was employed as a hydraulic engineer by Montgomery Watson Ltd. This was followed by a period spent abroad, during which he became involved in an Australian research project to develop water efficient building drainage networks.
In 2001 Dr Wright returned to the Drainage and Water Supply Research Group as a Post-doctoral Research Associate, initially to work on a project to investigate and numerically simulate the performance characteristics of siphonic roof drainage systems. He then became involved in the EPSRC funded AUDACIOUS project in the newly created School of the Built Environment at Heriot-Watt; this project aimed to provide the mathematical models and guidance necessary to assess the impact of climate change on urban drainage systems.
In August 2005, Dr Wright was appointed as a RCUK funded Academic Fellow within the School of the Built Environment, and is now involved in the identification and development of new research streams in the general fields of water management and drainage design.
In August 2010, Dr Wright was appointed lecturer within the School of the Built Environment. His school duties include:
School of Built Environment student/staff co-ordinator
Course leader - Hydraulics and Hydrology A (2nd year undergraduate)
Course leader - Hydraulics and Hydrology B (3rd year undergraduate)
Course leader - Computer simulation of River Flows (postgraduate).

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