Dr David Flynn

David Flynn graduated with a first class honours from his bachelor’s degree in electrical and electronic engineering from Heriot-Watt University, Scotland, in 2002. He was later awarded a Master of Science with distinction in Microsystems within the MISEC group at Heriot-Watt. In 2007 David completed his PhD investigation into the “Manufacture and Characterisation of Microscale Magnetic Components”. David received the highly coveted Leslie H Paddle Prize from the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), only one of which is available in the UK, for his PhD accomplishments.

Dr Flynn's expertise is in the research and development of novel sensors and intelligent sensor systems. Dr. Flynn has applied his expertise to broad field of applications including energy, medical, offshore assets and environmental monitoring. Dr. Flynn has published over 50 papers and currently holds a UK patent for High Frequency Piezoelectric Ultrasound Transducer Arrays, for medical imaging applications. In 2006 Dr Flynn developed the highest power density magnetic components to-date in the field of DC-DC converters. Dr. Flynn is currently leading work in robust and intelligent, as in Prognostic and Diagnostic, sensor system projects with Scottish and Southern Energy, Siemens Transmission Distribution Limited, and MacTaggart Scott limited

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