Dr Alan Cuthbertson

Graduated from University of Glasgow in 1995 with BEng (First Class) in Civil Engineering and again in 2002 with a PhD on “The motion of fine sand particles in turbulent open channel shear flows over porous bed conditions”.
Spent two years (1999-2001) as a river and coastal modeller with Jacobs (formerly the Babtie Group).
Took up a post-doctoral research position in 2001 at the University of Dundee (Dept. Of Civil Engineering) within the Environmental Fluid Mechanics Research Group working in close collaboration with Profs. Peter Davies and Ping Dong on EPSRC and NERC funded projects:
GR/M42459/01 (EPSRC) - Hydrodynamics and mixing of estuarine inlets and influence of tidal barriers (2001 – 2003).
GR/S25135/01 (EPSRC) - Modelling studies of sediment deposition from wastewater discharges in the marine environment (2003 – 2006).
EP/D041821/1 (EPSRC) - Sand-mud morphodynamics under combined tidal and wave actions (Co-investigator, 2006 – 2008).
NE/F01239X/1 (NERC-SOFI) - Modelling of the Wyville Thomson Ridge overflow (2008 ongoing).
In 2009, awarded an EU grant under HYDRALAB III FP6 integrated infrastructure initiative to lead an international research team in an experimental programme conducted at the Coriolis Rotating Basin in Trondheim, Norway.
Appointed as Lecturer within the Sustainable Water Management Research Group at Heriot-Watt University in May 2010.
Awarded the 2010 ASCE Karl Emil Hilgard Hydraulic Prize for the paper “Deposition from particle-laden, plane, turbulent, buoyant jets”, published in the ASCE Journal of Hydraulic Engineering. This award recognizes a paper that is judged to be of superior merit in dealing with a problem of flowing water, either in theory or in practice

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