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  • Mathematical modelling of real-world engineering systems
    Mathematical modelling is an important tool in the development and operation of real-world engineering systems. Mathematical models can be used in two different application a prototype device explores only one device geometry while mathematical models allow the extensive optimisation over the complete parameter space. However it has to be kept in mind that every mathematical model is based on assumptions and simplifications and thus describes only certain aspects of the full physical system. The validation of the assumptions and simplifications as well as the model results is an important step in mathematical modelling
  • Development of numerical schemes and implementations for differential equations
    Efficient and robust numerical schemes are required to take full advantage of mathematical modelling. Scenarios: (i) analysis of the device behaviour and (ii) predicting the behaviour of future devices. While the analysis aspect is important for the running of the device the predictive aspect of mathematical models is invaluable for the design and optimisation of novel devices. Mathematical models of the device behaviour can give insight into the different physical effects e.g. diffusion and adsorption which can be used to optimise the device performance without many iterative prototype devices. This allows faster and cheaper product cycles and more importantly more rigorous optimisation of the device

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Daniel Friedrich
Daniel Friedrich

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