Alan Murray

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Research Interests

  • Neural Computation
    Algorithms architectures and applications of artificial neural networks - with particular interests in spiking computation and probabilistic computation
  • Novel Approaches to VLSI Design
    Neural and other "funny" VLSI - to address problems of computation with the noisy imperfect medium that is Deep-Sub-Micron VLSI
  • Silicon-Biology Interface
    Particular interests include bio-sensing and the interface between live nerve cells and silicon ships
  • Biomedical Sensing
    Silicon technology can now be integrated with sensors of temperature pH oxygen concentration and of biological molecules. This allows chips to be developed that can monitor the body from the inside and in great detail. This is the principle that drives the 2013-2018 £5.2M EPSRC Programme Grant Project IMPACT - Implanted Microsystems for Personal Anti-Cancer Treatment

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Alan Murray
Alan Murray

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