Industrialists, academics and students gathered in Edinburgh yesterday to launch a new Centre aimed at developing robots which can act independently and which they believe will revolutionise society in the next twenty years.

The Guardian's Smallword Nanotech reports on interdisciplinary research carried out between ERPE, University of Edinburgh School of Chemistry and private firm Nanoflex Ltd. You can read the full article below and find further links to the research group, the researchers, their work and publications.

An ERPE team, DiverSense Ltd, has made it through to the final of the Converge Challenge, Scotland’s biggest academic entrepreneurial showcase competition, taking place later this month.

A major international symposium at ERPE, Heriot-Watt University this week will be considering the future development of robots as they provide care for the elderly and infirm, conduct emergency rescue and security work in inhospitable environments, learn to work increasingly independently and react to human body language to become more effective human companions.

Heriot-Watt University will be the site of one of two unique new centres which will form the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre (IBioIC).

IBiolC has raised a total of £2.7m to establish two bioprocessing centres that will contribute towards its aim to generate at least £1bn GVA for the Scottish economy by 2025.


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