Heriot Watt University

We are a forward thinking, research focused university, with world leading expertise in science, engineering, business management, languages and design. We are renowned for our applied and technological research and for our industry-oriented, collaborative work.

Heriot-Watt is recognised internationally as a centre for high calibre research in science, engineering and business. We've been rated as a leading research institution by the RAE, the national review body, and are now in the top 35 universities in the UK for our research.

We continue to attract significant research funding year on year and nearly 90% of our academic staff are involved in research activity.

Engineering at Heriot-Watt University takes a multi-disciplinary approach to addressing contemporary engineering challenges in partnership with many sectors of industry across the globe. Our full research portfolio covers, civil, architectural, structural, electrical, electronic, computer, mechanical, chemical, environmental and petroleum engineering.

The following Schools and Research Institutes are part of ERPE: