Prof Marc Phillipe Yves Desmulliez

His current research focus is on:
- Packaging technologies especially related to MEMS. In that respect, he recently published a book on “Hermeticity of MEMS” (Artech House).
- Novel manufacturing processes such as: powder blasting of LTCC materials, microwave curing of paste materials, electrostatically induced lithography, photochemical growth of metal tracks onto non conductive surfaces, megasonic assisted agitation of electrolyte solutions.
- Biomedical applications using Lab-on-Chip technologies.
- Microwave sensing for the food, and oil & gas industry.
- Electrochemical and microwave sensing for biomedical applications.
- Biomimetism and naturally inspired manufacturing.

Marc Desmulliez graduated from the French Grande Ecole Supelec (Paris) in 1987. After two College Diplomas in Modern Optics and Microwave (U.C.L.) and Theoretical Physics (Cambridge), he obtained his Ph.D. in Optoelectronics at Heriot-Watt University in 1995 and his Master of Advanced Studies (Cambridge) in 2011. Marc Desmulliez has funded/directed the MicroSystems Engineering Centre since 2000 and is currently Head of the Research Institute of Sensors, Signals and Systems. His research group specialises in non-silicon based microsystems and sesors at all stages of the manufacturing cycle and has an annual research turnover of around £1.5M. MISEC is part of the Institute of Integrated Systems (IIS), a Joint Research Institute established with the University of Edinburgh under the Edinburgh Research Partnership Initiative. Recently, the group has been involved in MEMS projects for medical applications such as the use ultrasonic needle for in-vivo pathology and ultrasonic pill for diagnostics of the GI tract.

Chartered Engineer and Physicist, Prof. Desmulliez has a background combining electrical engineering, optoelectronics and theoretical physics. He has a strong track record in inter- and multi-disciplinary research with over 356 published articles spanning the fields of optoelectronics, manufacturing technology, packaging, biology and microwave engineering as well as 8 patents. He has worked in industry (Sollac, Dunkirk, 1990-1992) and span out in January 2003 the company MicroStencil Ltd which sold its stencil manufacturing technology to the multinational company DEK, the largest stencil printing equipment manufacturer, under the DEK platinum brand.

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