Prof Andrew John George Cairns

I am well known both in the UK and internationally for my research in financial risk management for pension plans and life insurers. These interests in the assessment of financial risk have led to further research in the field of financial mathematics. Within this field I have developed a new model for bond-price dynamics for use in the measurement and management of long-term interest-rate risks in pensions and life insurance. More recently I have been working on the modelling of longevity risk: how this can be modelled, measured and priced, and how it can be transferred to the financial markets. Amongst his work in this field, I have developed a number of new and innovative stochastic mortality models.
I am an active member of the UK and international actuarial profession in both research and education: I qualified as a Fellow of the Faculty of Actuaries in 1993; since 1996 I have been editor of the leading international actuarial journal ASTIN Bulletin; and in 2005 I was elected as a corresponding member of the Swiss Association of Actuaries.
In 2008 I was awarded the Halmstad Prize for his paper Pricing Death: Frameworks for the Valuation and Securitization of Mortality Risk co-authored with David Blake and Kevin Dowd.
In 2004 I completed a textbook entitled 'Interest Rate Models: An Introduction' published by Princeton University Press.

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