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  • Wave Overtopping
  • Wave overtopping is a major factor in the design and serviceability of seawalls and breakwaters
    - overtopping of a harbour or marina breakwater transfers wave energy into supposedly protected waters, causing larger waves and possible interruption to harbour operations and even damage to or loss of moored boats,
    - overtopping of seawalls may lead to flooding
    - seawalls and breakwaters are frequently areas used by people / vehicles: overtopping waves may present a significant safety hazard

  • Blockwork Coastal Structures
  • The primary long term aim is to provide new guidance on design, repair and maintenance for owners of blockwork structures and consulting engineers working with these structures. The purpose of the Network is to bring together the expertise necessary in pursuit of this aim. Through the Network, existing knowledge may be exchanged, and plans for future research toward the long term aim may be coordinated. The Network also aims to further widen the lines of communication and facilitate the transfer of knowledge from the research laboratory to the practicing coastal engineer.

    The specific objectives of the Network are
    1. To enable Network partners to be aware of the experience, skills, facilities and ongoing work of other partners
    2. To liaise from the outset with potential beneficiaries (owners of blockwork structures, specialist consultants)
    3. To enable the ongoing research of partners to be focussed, where possible, toward the long term aim of the Network
    4. To enable key areas of weakness in the knowledge to be pinpointed, and subsequently to seek funding (UK Government, EC or Industrial sources) for new work in these areas
    5. To disseminate findings arising from activity of the Network directly to beneficiaries (owners of blockwork structures, specialist consultants)

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Tom Bruce
Tom Bruce

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