Enrico Mastropaolo

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Research Interests

  • Microelectromechanical systems: sensors and actuators
    - Design, simulation, fabrication and characterisation of MEMS structures
    - Silicon carbide MEMS sensors and resonators
    - Electrothermal and piezoelectric MEMS transducers
    - Non-linear behaviour of MEMS resonators
    - MEMS pressure sensors and microphones
    - Energy harvesting
  • The CMOS/MEMS Microphone Project
    - Resonant gate transistors for biomimetic MEMS microphone devices
  • Nanostructures and novel materials for MEMS
    - Zinc oxide nanowires
    - Hybrid materials
    - Carbon nanotubes and nanostructres in carbon-based devices
    - Colloidal lithography

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Enrico Mastropaolo
Enrico Mastropaolo

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