Institute for Infrastructure and Environment (IIE)

The Institute for Infrastructure and the Environment is one of six research institutes within the School of Engineering at the University of Edinburgh. We currently have twenty members of academic staff, ten research staff, over sixty postgraduate research students, seven technical and administration staff and generally have more than ten visiting researchers.

Our research is aimed at promoting well being of humanity in the face of contemporary and anticipated challenges to urban infrastructure and the natural environment. Such as security of infrastructure and communities from natural and anthropogenic hazards; improving industrial infrastructure for dealing with bulk solids; assessment, monitoring and improvement of transport infrastructure; and treatment of water and waste water. Our work spans from understanding fundamental behaviour of materials, structures and processes at the smallest scales to the full design scale including simulation and modelling at all relevant scales.

Research Themes

You can read more about The Institute for Infrastructure and the Environment on the School of Engineering website.

Further Information

Civil Engineers under the Forth Rail Bridge
Civil Engineering under the Forth Rail Bridge