School of Engineering

The School of Engineering at the University of Edinburgh supports world-class excellence in teaching and research. We offer a full range of taught undergraduate courses in Engineering subjects, and taught postgraduate MScs. We have a strong set of PhD and research activities within our five Research Institutes, with much collaboration with industry and government both nationally and internationally.

The integrated School of Engineering was formed in 2002 from the various individual departments to address diverse and complex challenges across the entire field of engineering, at the micro and macroscopic/global scales. At the microscopic scale, its research supports the design and deployment of novel nanotechnology and devices for biological monitoring and medical diagnosis; at the macro/global scale, it optimises the security and sustainability of the built environment and develops engineering solutions to issues raised by climate change.

The Vision of the School is the achievement of excellence across each of its five research areas, from the science and mathematics that underpin engineering research, to its industrial and commercial applications and four teaching disciplines, all accredited by the professional Engineering Institutes.

The University of Edinburgh School of Engineering includes the following Research Institutes:

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School of Engineering, Sanderson Building Entrance
School of Engineering, Sanderson Building, King's Buildings, University of Edinburgh