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Every spring, prescribed burns are conducted on 15-20000 acres of forest in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, United States. Historically, fire is a natural occurrence in the Pine Barrens and is an integral part of maintaining the ecosystem. Such prescribed burns are also used as a type of ‘fuel treatment’, aimed at reducing the fuel loading, the quantity of vegetation biomass, in the forest.

The project focuses on the performance of automated trash screens in culverts. Culverts are vital links that allow rivers to pass safely under roads and developments. During periods of intense rainfall many critical culverts are not able to operate to their full capacity because of blockages to trash screens which protect their entry.

A culvert fitted with an Atlas Polar automated trash screen

The need to conserve water has long been recognised by society as a priority action that is critical to health, sanitation and wellbeing. Oftentimes, this message is rightly focused on providing clean water and sanitation in developing countries.

Dr Nick Bennett attended Parliament at the House of Commons on Monday 17 March to present his engineering research to a range of politicians and a panel of expert judges, as part of SET for Britain.


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