Top Chinese institute visits Scottish Carbon Capture & Storage

Top Chinese institute visits Scottish Carbon Capture & Storage

Senior academics from Scottish Carbon Capture and Storage (SCCS), of which ERPE is a member, have welcomed a delegation from a leading Chinese design and construction company. Adrian Todd, Professor of Petroleum Engineering in ERPE, was among the senior experts who were debating the role of CCS in China’s power sector.

Experts from the Electric Power Planning and Engineering Institute (EPPEI), the national organisation that advises China’s power planning and engineering sector, were visiting the UK to gain first-hand information on the progress of practical CCS projects, and the support systems created by the UK and Scottish governments to incentivise research linking universities to business.

Prof Stuart Haszeldine, SCCS Director, said: “We were delighted to meet with Mr Xie and his colleagues from EPPEI, which is one of the top advisors to the Chinese state on matters relating to strategic planning for the power sector. As we move towards a low-carbon future, electricity producers in China and worldwide will continue to rely on fossil fuels for many years yet, and carbon capture and storage is a viable, and available, technology that will help mitigate the resulting carbon emissions."

EPPEI is a national company, which provides advice to the Chinese government, financial institutions, the power sector and other enterprises. Its work covers areas such as planning ahead for power generation, industrial policy, and new technology research and development.

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