Go with the Flow - Prof Lynne Jack's inaugural lecture

Go with the Flow - Prof Lynne Jack's inaugural lecture

The need to conserve water has long been recognised by society as a priority action that is critical to health, sanitation and wellbeing. Oftentimes, this message is rightly focused on providing clean water and sanitation in developing countries. This emphasis on water scarcity highlights the disproportionate levels of use within the UK, and across some regions internationally, and suggests that we are often wasteful of this precious resource.

The flow of drinking water, rainwater and wastewater in and around our homes and places of work is often taken for granted, but are we missing an opportunity to use water in a more efficient way that still meets demand and means that this approach becomes the norm for society? And are there lessons that may be learned that are transferable internationally?

This lecture seeks to explore the issues around the supply and wastewater discharge systems that we rely upon daily, and examines techniques used to assess performance-related aspects that help us understand if and where further opportunity for water conservation exists.

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As always, attendance is free and includes refreshments from 4.30pm and a post-lecture reception with wine and canapés.